Bolsa Quartzite - Acid-Base Accounting Properties and Humidity Cell Testing Results

Document ID: 012409

One focus of the geochemical testing program for the proposed Rosemont Copper Project in Pima County, Arizona has been the characterize the acid-base accountingi (ABA) properties of the expected waste rocki materials. Of the expected waste rock materials, the Bolsa Quartzitei (Bolsa) is anticipated to comprise a small percentage (1.9%) of the total waste rock mass. Based on this percentage, only a single sample of Bolsa Quartzite was tested during initial 2007 geochemical testing program. The ABA results from this sample (VABH0608-01) indicated that the Bolsa could be classified as inert according to Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) criteria and therefore would not require additional testing (ADEQ, 1999; Tetra Tech, 2007).