Rosemont Copper Company CALPUFF Modeling Report to Assess Impacts In Class I Areas

Document ID: 013224

The Federal Land Manager (FLM) requested an air impact analysis to be submitted as part of the EIS to demonstrate the protection of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). Additionally the U.S. Forest Service evaluation requires an Air Quality Related Values (AQRV) impact analysis to ensure that Class I area resources (i.e., visibility, flora, fauna, etc.) are not adversely affected by the projected emissions.

Applied Environmental Consultants. 2010b. Rosemont Copper Company Application for a Class II Permit, Rosemont Copper Project, Southeastern Arizona. Submitted to Pima County Department of Environmental Quality. Submitted by Rosemont Copper Company. Tempe, Arizona: Applied Environmental Consultants. July 28.