Predictive Groundwater Flow Modeling Results

Document ID: 013229

This Technical Memorandum documents the results of the predictive groundwater flow models prepared by Tetra Tech for the proposed Rosemont Copper Project (Project) located on the east side of the Santa Rita Mountains, approximately 30 miles southeast of Tucson, Arizona in Pima County. The regional groundwater flow models prepared for the Project represent pre- mining steady state conditions, active mini ng conditions, and post-closure/post-mining conditions. In addition to these flow models, the following studies and/or tasks have also been performed: Davidson Canyon conceptual model, hydrogeologic framework model, recharge distribution, steady-state water levels and potentiometric surface, evaluation of aquifer testing and hydraulic properties, evapotranspiration distri bution, and stream flow conditions. The model construction process and calibration results are presented in Tetra Tech (2010a). Sensitivity analyses on the predictive flow models will be documented in subsequent Technical Memoranda.

O'Brien, G. 2010c. Technical Memorandum: Predictive Groundwater Flow Modeling Results. Document No. 201/10-320874-5.3. Prepared for Rosemont Copper Company. Tucson, Arizona: Tetra Tech. July 30.