Onsite Riparian Habitat Assessment

Document ID: 013232

WestLand field teams have mapped and described riparian habitati within portions of the Rosemont Copper Company (Rosemont) claim holdings in the Santa Rita Mountains in Pima County, Arizona. The Rosemont Project study area consists of approximately 10,493 acres, which encompasses all of the mine alternatives currently being considered for the site at the time of this study. Of this total, riparian habitat makes up 316.7 acres, or 3% of the study area. This work supports the development and comparison of alternatives that seek to reduce the impacts of the project on riparian habitat.

WestLand Resources Inc. 2010c. Onsite Riparian Habitat Assessment, Rosemont Project. Project No. 1049.14. Prepared for Rosemont Copper Company. Tucson, Arizona: WestLand Resources, Inc. April.