Analyses of Economic Costs of the Proposed Rosemont Copper Project - Scoping Comment Document

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This Scoping Comment Document consists of the materials indexed on the following page. These materials have been prepared as formal Scoping Comments on the Proposed Rosemont Copper Project, specifically in response to the Rosemont Economic Impacts Study and the Tucson Forum sponsored and conducted by Rosemont.

A review of the Rosemont Economic Impact Study, the press articles that followed the release of the Rosemont study, and the widespread public relations campaign mounted by Rosemont and focused solely on the alleged economic benefits of the proposed mine, clearly warranted an informed response. Somewhat ironically, the study reporting on the Rosemont Economic Impacts, actually focused exclusively on the purported economic “benefits”, with virtually no mention of any “costs” or “adverse impacts” to either the public or private sector.

In light of th is unbalanced story of the economic effects of the Rosemont proposal, the Mountain Empire Action Alliance, a Sonoita - based community organization dedicated to maintaining the quality of life and livelihoods in the greater Sonoita Basin, commissioned Dr. Thomas Power, Research Professor and Professor Emeritus, Department of Economics, University of Montana, to conduct an independent, objective study of the economic impacts of the proposed Rosemont Mine. Dr. Power was specifically asked to address the adverse economic impacts that the proposed Rosemont Mine would pose to our local businesses, regional economy , and quality of life.

Power, T.M. 2010. Scoping Comment Document: Analyses of Economic Costs of the Proposed Rosemont Copper Project. Prepared for The Mountain Empire Action Alliance. Submitted to the Coronado National Forest. Missoula, Montana. August 16.