Technical Review of Groundwater Flow Modeling Report (M&A, 2010b)

Document ID: 013539

This memorandum provides a technical review of the full version of the Montgomery & Associates (M&A) report, Revised Groundwater Flow Modeling Conducted for Simulation of Proposed Rosemont Pit Dewatering and Post-Closure Rosemont Project (M&A, 2010b), dated August 30, 2010. This review was undertaken and the Technical Memorandum prepared at the request of SWCA and the Coronado National Forest, in accordance with a Statement of Work and Re quest for Cost Estimate from Mr. Dale Ortman dated July 18, 2010. This memorandum was prepared by Vl adimir Ugorets and Larry Cope of SRK Consulting (U.S.), Inc. (SRK).

Ugorets, V., and L. Cope. 2010. Memorandum: Technical Review of Groundwater Flow Modeling Report (M and A, 2010b). Project No. 183101/2000. Prepared for SWCA Environmental Consultants and the Coronado National Forest. Tucson, Arizona: SRK Consulting. October 22.