Rosemont Primary Access Road Intersection Project: Traffic Impact Analysis Report, Volumes I and II

Document ID: 015303

A traffic impact analysis (TIA) was completed to examine existing traffic conditions along Arizona State Route 83 (SR ‐ 83) and to assess potential future traffic on SR ‐ 83 associated with Rosemont Copper Company’s (Rosemont) proposed Rosemont Copper Project (Project). The proposed Project site is located on the east side of the Santa Rita Mountains approximately 30 miles southeast of Tucson, Arizona and west of SR ‐ 83. The traffic analysis report was prepared in accordance with latest Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) “Traffic Impact Analysis for Proposed Development” guidelines, Section 240 of ADOT’s “Traffic Engineering Policies, Guidelines, and Procedures”, and the latest edition of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) “Manual of Transportation Engineering Studies”.

Tetra Tech. 2011. Rosemont Primary Access Road Intersection: Traffic Analysis Report. 2 vols. Prepared for Arizona Department of Transportation. Tucson, Arizona: Tetra Tech. April 4.