Biological Evaluation Proposed Arizona Trail Reroute

Document ID: 018921

WestLand Resources, Inc. (WestLand), was retained by Rosemont Copper Company to prepare a Biological Evaluation (BE) for a proposed reroute of the Arizona Trail (the Project). The Project will include the abandonment of an existing portion of the Arizona Trail and its replacement with a new portion located to the east. The new route is primarily on lands owned by the Coronado National Forest (CNF), but would also cross two small parcels of privately owned lands (Figure 1). The Project would depart from the existing route just northeast of where the existing trail crosses Box Canyon Road, continue east and north, and rejoin the existing route at Mulberry Canyon (Figure 2). The Project is proposed within Township 19 South, Range 16 East, Sections 4, 5, 7, and 8, and Township 18 South, Range 16 East, Sections 34, 27, 22, and 15, and crosses State Route (SR) 83 at Oak Tree Canyon and again at Barrel Canyon (the Project Area, Figure 2).

The purpose of this BE is to evaluate the potential effects of the proposed Arizona Trail reroute on special-status species. For the purposes of this BE, special-status species are those species designated as threatened, endangered, proposed for listing, or candidate for listing by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) (USFWS 2012a; Appendix A) or designated as sensitive by the Forest Service for the CNF. This BE includes the identification of all special-status species known or with the potential to be present in the Project Area or its immediate vicinity, a description of their habitat requirements, and an assessment of the potential effects of the Project on the species and their habitat.

WestLand Resources Inc. 2013a. Biological Evaluation: Proposed Arizona Trail Reroute Northeastern Foothills of the Santa Rita Mountains Pima County, Arizona. Project No. 1049.14. Prepared for Rosemont Copper Company. Tucson, AZ: WestLand Resources Inc. January 16.