Addendum to Biological Evaluation

Document ID: 047330

The 2007 Regional Forester’s Sensitive Species (RFSS) list was updated and finalized by the Regional Office Threatened, Endangered, and Sensitive Species (TES) program staff in September of 2013. Based on Regional Office direction, projects that are already in the analysis process outlined by the National Environmental Protection Act of 1969, as amended (NEPA), which have been through scoping and where issues have been identified, are not required to utilize the updated RFSS list. However, for this project, the Coronado National Forest reviewed the proposed project and 2013 RFSS list to determine if there were major issues or of if the project could cause a trend toward federal listing for a species on the 2013 RFSS list that was not on the 2007 RFSS list.

U.S. Forest Service. 2013. Addendum to Biological Evaluation, Rosemont Copper Project Santa Rita Mountains, Nogales Ranger Districti. December 13.