Rosemont Project 2011 Bat Roost Surveys

Document ID: bat-roost-surveys-2012

The Rosemont Holdings encompass patented and unpatented claims and fee lands within privately owned, USDA Forest Service, and Bureau of Land Management lands on the northeast side of the Santa Rita Mountain Range (Figure 1). WestLand Resources, Inc. (WestLand), visited thirty-nine (39) features within the Rosemont Holdings and vicinity to monitor their use as bat roosts.

Buecher, D.C., R. Sidner, A.L. Best, and G.F. Diamond. 2012. Rosemont Project 2011 Bat Roost Surveys. Project No. 1049.23 B Task 300. Prepared for Rosemont Copper Company. Tucson, AZ: WestLand Resources Inc. February 3.