Technical Review of Site Water Management Update

Document ID: golder-review-site-water-management-update-20100805

Golder Associates (Golder) conducted a review of the Site Water Management Update for the Rosemont Copper Project (April 2010, Tetra Tech). The Site Water Management Update is presented in five volumes. The review consisted of reading the pertinent sections of the report and supporting documents and rendering a professional opinion regarding whether or not the data, assumptions, and methods used in the report conform to currently accepted industry practice. Review was limited to the goals specified by SWCA as listed in each section below as they relate only to water and erosion management. No review of geotechnical stability or other disciplines were addressed.

This memorandum summarizes the findings Golder’s review of the Site Water Management Update. The goal of the review is to identify any red flags and potential fatal flaws associated with the concepts used or the design of site stormwater management structures.