Light Pollution Mitigation Recommendation Report

Document ID: monrad-lighting-mitigation-report-rev1-20120618

The Rosemont Copper Project (Project) site lies within an area of concern relative to the effects of light pollution. Because the Project will operate around the clock, additional light pollution is of concern to astronomical interests and to the environmental community in general. Several of the world’s most important observatories are located nearby, and they rely on the maintaining or reducing the levels of light pollution within southern Arizonai. Decades of concern by the astronomy community have resulted in the development and implementation of a stringent and continuously evolving outdoor lighting ordinance in Pima County. The principles of shielding, spectral content control and responsible lighting practices to protect our valuable regional astronomical assets date back to the early 1970’sii.

Monrad, C.K., J. Benya, and D.L. Crawford. 2012b. Rosemont Copper Project Light Pollution Mitigation Recommendation Report. Revision 1. Monrad Engineering Inc. June 18.