Rosemont Primary Access Road Traffic Impact Analysis

Document ID: psomas-rosemont-primary-access-road-traffic-impact-analysis-20121220

Traffic analyses were performed for the Rosemont Copper Project (Project) for two separate mine alternatives. The two alternatives included the Mine Plan of Operations (MPO) and the Barrel alternative. Other action alternatives being studied by the United States Forest Service were grouped with the MPO alternative since they all had the same projected traffic generation numbers. Traffic generation numbers for the Barrel alternative included production changes detailed by the Rosemont Copper Company in their 2012 Feasibility Study.

PSOMAS. 2012b. Rosemont Primary Access Road Traffic Impact Analysis Rosemont Copper Company, Pima County, Arizona. Project No. 7ROS110410. Prepared for Rosemont Copper Company. Tucson, AZ: Psomas. December.