Preliminary Invasive Species Management Plan

Document ID: rcc-preliminary-invasive-species-201207

The Rosemont Copper Preliminary Invasive Species Management Plan (Plan) was created to minimize, reduce, or eliminate the potential for introduction, establishment, spread and impact of invasive species on and around the Rosemont mine site. Invasive species include mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects, plants, and pathogens (USFS, 2004). All noxious weeds are legally enforced and will be managed. The list of state and federal noxious weeds can be found in Appendices A and B. If a species produces undesirable effects (e.g. poisonous to livestock, outcompeting seeded species, decreased species diversity, changes in fire frequency), treatment will commence. Treatment options include mechanical, chemical, or biological controls and seeding desired species. Noxious weeds, invasive species, or other undesirable species will be monitored and treated according to management objectives.

The purpose of the Rosemont Copper Invasive Species Management Plan, in accordance with the National Strategy and Implementation Plan for Invasive Species (USFS, 2004), is to:

  • Prevent the introduction of invasive species
  • Identify invasive species on and around the Rosemont site, access roads, utility corridors, and other disturbed areas
  • Detect invasive species and initiate quick responses to prevent their spread within and near the Rosemont site
  • Treat to eradicate small populations and manage large populations of invasive species
  • Monitor invasive species to determine trends and treatment effectiveness in accordance with land management goals
  • Rehabilitate and restore of areas where invasive species have been treated
  • Communicate with agencies and organizations to determine best available science for invasive species management

Rosemont Copper Company. 2012b. Preliminary Invasive Species Management Plan. Tucson, AZ: Rosemont Copper Company. July.