Appendix B Sample Adequacy Evaluation for Rosemont Geologic Materials

Document ID: sample-adequacy-evaluation-for-geologic-materials-2010

An open pit copper mine and ore processing operation are planned for the Rosemont Copper Project (Rosemont) site, located approximately 30 miles southeast of Tucson, Arizona. Processing of approximately 546 million tons (Mt) of sulfide ore and 69 Mt of oxide ore is expected to generate up to 1,232 Mt of waste rock during the anticipated 20-25 year mine life. Consequently, a baseline geochemical characterization was prepared which focused on the potential water quality impacts from the various mine facilities (e.g., waste rock and dry stack tailings storage areas). One of the primary goals of the baseline characterization study was to test a representative number of samples in order to adequately characterize the geochemical behavior of the rock that would be developed from mining (Tetra Tech, 2007). The results from this geochemical testing can also be used to estimate the geochemistry of non-ore rocks in the final walls of the pit.