Sustainable Economic Benefits of Human-Powered Recreation to the State of Arizona

Document ID: sustainable-economic-benefits-human-powered-recreation-2011

A future-oriented investment and jobs strategy grounded in the present would leverage the best of Arizona‟s multi-use open spaces strategies, while conserving the natural capital that provides the environmental services associated with a human-powered, outdoor active lifestyle. Such a strategy will support the ongoing transition of the West from a harvest-extraction economy to a services-based economy that works well with the conservation of natural capital, and would be in sync with the growing population and sophisticated consumption patterns of the West. Arizonans have clearly expressed their desire for a future in which they can continue to experience vast open spaces in a variety of ways. Human-powered recreation is central to a sustainable future in which 9-10 million people will occupy the Sun Corridor, drawn by Arizona‟s outdoor active lifestyle. Without Human-Powered Recreation and the affiliated tourism dollars, Arizona‟s economy would take a hard hit. Supporting these industries strengthens our economy. The outdoor active lifestyle preserves critical natural capital and developing a new age of built, social, human and financial capital. Human-Powered Recreation, a substantial element of the larger outdoor active lifestyle market enhances existing capital and creates new assets that generate significant jobs, income streams and taxes. Human-Powered Recreation is an integrative strategy to support a sustainable economy now and into the future.