Rosemont Conceptual Scholefield-McCleary Alternative Stormwater Control Features

Document ID: tt-conceptual-scholefield-mccleary-alt-stormwater-control-features-2012

This technical memorandum summarizes the conceptual stormwater control features anticipated for the Scholefield-McCleary Alternative associated with the proposed Rosemont Copper Project in Pima County, Arizona. The conceptual stormwater plan for the alternative is shown on Figure 1. This alternative consists of a Waste Rock Storage Area located in McCleary Canyon Basin and a Dry Stack Tailings Facility located in Scholefield Canyon Basin. Stormwater control on the Scholefield-McCleary Alternative is accomplished primarily by drainage benches that intercept runoff from the slopes of the waste rock and tailings waste rock buttresses. Stormwater collected in the drainage benches exit the structure via rock drop structures placed at select locations.