Rosemont Copper Project: Potential Effects of the Rosemont Project to Jaguar and Proposed Jaguar Critical Habitat

Document ID: westland-jaguar-20121109

WestLand Resources, Inc. (WestLand) was retained by Rosemont Copper Company (Rosemont) to prepare a series of technical memorandums to supplement the Biological Assessment for the Rosemont Copper Project (the Project). This memorandum analyzes the potential effects of the Project to the jaguar (Panthera onca) and proposed critical habitat for the jaguar (the Proposed Rule; FR 77, No. 161: 50214- 50242; USFWS 2012). We begin with a discussion of potential effects to the jaguar and the consequences of these effects to jaguar populations, and then consider the potential effects to proposed jaguar critical habitat.