Public Meeting Materials

Rosemont Introduction and Overview Presentation by Jim Upchurch, Forest Supervisor
Welcome Poster
Air Emission Controls Poster
Air Emission Inventories Poster
Air Quality Modeling and Pollutants Poster
Air Quality Visibility Impacts Poster
Biological Resources Analysis Area Poster
Biological Resources General Impacts Poster
Cultural Resources HIstory Poster
Cultural Resources Previous Studies Poster
Facility Placement for Action Alternatives Poster
Forest Service NEPA Planning Process Poster
Ground Rules Poster
Groundwater Conditions Near Sahuarita
Groundwater Impacts Near Sahuarita (West Side) Poster
Groundwater Quality Poster
Land Ownership and Management Poster
Next Steps for Cultural Resources
Ore Processing Poster
Project Overview Poster
Recreation and Visual Quality Impacts Poster
Recreation in the Rosemont Area
Surface Water Poster
Transmission Line Alternatives Poster
Transportation Poster
Vicinity Poster
Visual Quality Poster