Technical Reports

Soils and Reclamation
2012 Update of Rosemont ABA Testing
2012 Preliminary Reclamation and Closure Plan for the Barrel Alternative
2012 Preliminary Soil Salvage Management Plan
2012 Conceptual Design of Heap Leach Pump Back Riser Pipe
2011 Rosemont Additional Tailings Analysis
2011 Rosemont Waste Rock Segregation Plan - Revision 1
2010 Rosemont Preliminary Geochemistry Review Response to Comments
2010 Survey of Salvage Topsoil Resources for the Rosemont Mining Area - Revision 1
2010 Rosemont SPLP Usage from Pit Wall Runoff
2010 Rosemont Geochemical Sample Selection
2010 Rosemont Area-Wide Fate and Transport and DIA Assessment
2010 Rosemont Waste Rock Segregation Plan
2010 Rosemont 2006-2008 Tailings Material Sample Sources
2010 Rosemont Tailings Geochemistry Sample Sources
2010 Physical and Mechanical Properties of Tailings and Waste Rockfill Materials
2010 Rosemont Backfill and Pit Lake Management Approaches
2010 Rosemont Baseline and Post-Mining Conditions—Alternatives Sediment Delivery
2010 Rosemont Baseline and Post-Mining Conditions—Sediment Delivery
2010 Rosemont Infiltration Analysis
2010 Waste Rock Storage Area - Stability Analysis
2010 Soil Erosion Estimates
2010 Reclamation Concept Update
2010 Geochemical Evaluation of Rosemont Kinetic and Short-Term Leach Test Data
2010 Appendix B Sample Adequacy Evaluation for Rosemont Geologic Materials
2010 Rosemont Site Surface Soils Geochemistry
2010 Heap Leach Facility Infiltration, Seepage, and Fate and Transport Modeling/Treatment Options
2010 Minimum Thickness Analysis for Waste Rock Placed Over Spent Heap Leach Ore Material
2010 Scholefield Tailings and McCleary Waste Alternative Geochemical Characterization
2010 Sycamore Tailings and Barrel Waste Alternative Geochemical Characterization
2010 Rosemont Copper Project Waste Rock Material Characterization
2010 Rosemont Copper Project Final Open Pit Wall Coloration
2009 Barrel and McCleary Alternative Geochemical Characterization
2009 Rosemont Geochemical Sample Composite Method
2009 Bolsa Quartzite - Acid-Base Accounting Properties and Humidity Cell Testing Results
2009 University of Arizona Reclamation Test Plots
2009 Study of Mineral Production with Reference to the Rosemont Copper Project
2009 Rosemont Copper Project Area - Modified Infiltration Rate
2009 Rosemont Heap Leach Facility Permit Design Report Volumes 1 and 2
2009 Tailings Geochemistry
2009 Geotechnical Addendum Volume 1 of 3
2009 Rosemont Copper Company Dry Stack Tailings Storage Facility Final Design Report
2009 Dry Stack Facility Stability Analysis
2008 Phase II - Project Report Final
2008 Magnetic Survey of the Rosemont Mine Facility
2008 Rosemont Copper Company Filtered Tailings Dry Stacks Current State of Practice Final Report
2008 Tailings Geochemistry
2007 Final Report for Phase I
2007 Reclamation and Closure Plan: Rosemont Copper
2007 Operational Areas Soil Salvage Estimates
2007 Storage Area Soil Salvage Estimates
2007 Leaching Facilities Design
2007 Dry Tailings Facility Design
2007 Survey of Salvage Topsoil Resources
2007 Waste Management Plan
2007 PWTS Pond - Stability and Seepage Analyses
2006 Conceptual Heap Leach Pad Design Layout
2006 Rosemont Tailings Siting Study